Cemeteries Photographed in France.  M - O



We hold photographs of all the individual graves within the following cemeteries.


We also hold photographs of the graves of most of the 9th bn Sherwood Foresters who fell in France.



Magny Churchyard. Photo by Margaret & Phil Steen

 Magny-Fouchard Churchyard
Mailly-Maillet Communal Cemetery Extension


Mailly Wood Cemetery. Photo by Stephen John

Maison-Roland Churchyard

Malleville-les-Gres Churchyard



Malo-les-Bains Communal Cemetery. Photograph By Anthony Bagshaw.

Malplaquet Communal Cemetery

Manancourt Communal Cemetery



Manchester Cemetery


 Maninghem Churchyard



Manitoba Cemetery

Manneville-es-Plains Churchyard

Mannevillette Churchyard


Marcoing British Cemetery



Mareuil-Caubert Communal Cemetery



Marfaux British Cemetery

Marieux Communal Cemetery

Marigny-le-Grand Churchyard

Marissel French National Cemetery

Marles-Sur-Canche Churchyard



Maroeuil British Cemetery

Marpent Communal Cemetery


Marquise Communal Cemetery

Marson Churchyard

Marson-Sur-Barboure Churchyard

Martainville Churchyard

Martainville-Epreville Churchyard


Marteville Communal Cemetery, Attilly

Martigny Churchyard


Martinpuich British Cemetery

Martinpuich Communal Cemetery



Martinsart British Cemetery

Masny Churchyard 


Masnieres British Cemetery

Massy Churchyard

Maubert-Fontaine Communal Cemetery

Maubeuge (Sous le Bois) Cemetery

Mauquenchy Churchyard



Maurois Communal Cemetery


Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery


Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery Extension


Mazinghien Communal Cemetery


Meath Cemetery, Villiers-Guislain.


Meaulte Military Cemetery

Menil-Hubert-sur-Orne Communal Cemetery



Mericourt Labbe Communal Cemetery Extension

Merris Communal Cemetery

 Merville Communal Cemetery (Plot One Only)



Merville Communal Cemetery Extension

Merville-Franceville-Plage Churchyard

Mesnieres-en-Bray Communal Cemetery


Mesnil Communal Cemetery Extension


Mesnil Ridge Cemetery

Mesnil-Mauger Communal Cemetery



Meteren (Mont-Des-Cats) Communal Cemetery. Photo by Stewart May

Meteren Isolated Grave

Metigny Communal Cemetery


Metz-en-Couture Communal Cemetery British Extension



Mezieres Communal Cemetery Extension

Milizac Churchyard


Mill Road Cemetery

Millebosc Communal Cemetery


Millencourt Communal Cemetery Extension. Photo by Joanna McCann



Mindel Trench British Cemetery


Miraumont Communal Cemetery

Moelan-Sur-Mer Communal Cemetery


Moeuvres British Cemetery


Moeuvres Communal Cemetery Extension. Photo by Joanna McCann

Moliens Communal Cemetery

Molliens-au-Bois Communal Cemetery

Monchy-Breton Churchyard


Monchy British Cemetery

Monchy-sur-Eu Communal Cemetery


Mondicourt Communal Cemetery. Photo by Richard West



Montay British Cemetery



Montay Communal Cemetery. Photo by Stephen John


Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery


Montbrehain British Cemetery

 Montbrehain Communal Cemetery



Montchalons Churchyard. Photographed by Peter Bennett



Montcornet Military Cemetery

Mont-De-Marsan Communal Cemetery


Montescourt-Lizerolles Communal Cemetery

Montgaroult Communal Cemetery


Mont-Houn military Cemetery

(We hold photographs of around 50% of the graves in the above Cemetery)



Montigny Communal Cemetery, Nord



Montigny Communal Cemetery, Somme


Montigny Communal Cemetery Extension



Montreuil-aux-Lions British Cemetery

Montreuil-sur-Mer Communal Cemetery

Mont-St Eloi Communal Cemetery


Morbecque British Cemetery

Morchies Australian Cemetery

Morchies Communal Cemetery

Morchies Military Cemetery



Moreuil Communal Cemetery Allied Extension

Morgny-la-Pommeraye Churchyard


Morlancourt British Cemetery No1


Morlancourt British Cemetery No2



Morval British Cemetery. Photo by Stephen John

Morval Communal Cemetery

Morville-sur-Andelle Churchyard


Mory Abbey Military Cemetery



Mory Street British Cemetery

Mouchard Communal Cemetery

Mouchin Communal Cemetery 



Mouen Churchyard. Photo by Margaret & Phil Steen



Moulin-de-Pierre British Cemetery. Photo by Stephen John

Moulin-Sous-Touvent Communal Cemetery



Moulins Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Peter Bennett


Moureze Communal Cemetery. Photo by Venna Lovegrove

Mouvaux New Communal Cemetery

Muneville-Sur-Mer Churchyard



Munich Trench British Cemetery. Photograph by Richard West

Mussig Churchyard



Nancy Southern Cemetery. Photo by Mary Pellard

Narbonne East Cemetery



Naval Trench Cemetery

Naujac-Sur-Mer Communal Cemetery

Nauroy Communal Cemetery


Nery Communal Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett


Nesle Communal Cemetery

Nesle-Normandeuse Communal Cemetery

Nesles-La-Giberde Communal Cemetery


Neufchatel-en-Bray Communal Cemetery. Photo by Regis Biaux


Neufchatel-Hardelot Churchyard. Photo by Peter Bennett


Neuve Chapelle British Cemetery.



Neuve Chapelle Farm Cemetery


Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery


Neuville-Vitasse Road Cemetery

Neuvilly Communal Cemetery


Neuvilly Communal Cemetery Extension. Photo by Peter Bennett



New Munich Trench British Cemetery. Photographed by Richard West



Niagara Cemetery



Nieppe Communal Cemetery



 Nine Elms Military Cemetery. Photo by Jo McCann


Ninth Avenue Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Noirmoutier-En-L'Ile (L'herbaudiere) Communal Cemetery

Noirmoutier-En-L'Ile Communal Cemetery

Nolleval Communal Cemetery

Noreuil Australian Cemetery


Norfolk Cemetery

Noyelles-Sur-L'Escaut Communal Cemetery


Noyelles-Sur-L'Escaut Communal Cemetery Extension

Noyers-Bocage Old Churchyard


Noyon New British Cemetery

Nozay Cemetery



Occagnes (Cui) Churchyard. Photo by Margaret & Phil Steen

Odomez Communal Cemetery 

Olonne-Sur-Mer Communal Cemetery

Omerville Communal Cemetery


Ontario Cemetery, Sains-les-Marquion

Oost Cappel Churchyard 



Orange Hill Cemetery


Orange Trench Cemetery


Orchard Dump Cemetery



Orival Wood Cemetery. Photograph by Fred Killick

Ors Communal Cemetery


Ors British Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Osmanville (St Clement) Churchyard

Ouainville Churchyard

Ouistreham-Riva-Bella Communal Cemetery



Oulchy-le-Chateau Churchyard Extension

Ourville-en-Caux Communal Cemetery



Outreau Communal Cemetery. Photo by Stewart May


Outrebois Churchyard



Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension


Ovillers Military Cemetery

Ovillers New Communal Cemetery, Solesmes


Owl Trench Cemetery

Oxelaere Churchyard


Oye-Plage Communal Cemetery